the Son of a Soviet and Russian artist Nikas Safronov pianist Luca Zatravkin interview “the Fifth channel” said that slimming 100 kg producer Maxim Fadeev shows his “strange tendency to get rid of everything unnecessary”.

“First he got rid of him completely unnecessary artists. Then he got rid of the production center. Now he has get rid of excess weight” – ironically noted Zatravkin.

According to the musician, if things go on, the producer will begin to squander the money, so at this point it is better not to pass, and nearby.

the Pianist admitted that the news about weight loss Fadeeva 100 kg upset him. Zatravkin also expressed his desire to work with a producer, but the “magic size” had disappeared.

“It would be a good tandem on the world’s largest musician — me — and largest producer” — shared his point of view he is.

Publish from MAXIM FADEEV (@fadeevmaxim) 27 Jun 2020 1:19 PDT

the Son Safronov expressed the hope that the rapid weight loss producer has nothing to do with health problems. He suggested that losing weight Fadeeva can be explained by the return to his solo career.

the Musician said that when Fadeev talk about his way of getting rid of extra pounds, he must take advantage.