Music producer Joseph Prigogine in conversation with URA.RU told that his “private men’s conversation” with the musician and the leader of group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov will take place some time after the quarantine. The reason for their meeting will be a conflict because of a dispute about the “needy artists”.

“In the rush to quarantine the virus — is silly,” — said Prigogine, adding that his personal meeting with Sergei Shnurov will take place after the weakening of restrictive measures. Details of “male talk” the producer did not.

“Let all the details will remain between us personally, men. Unless, of course, Sergei Shnurov can be called a man” — said Prigogine.

Also, the producer drew attention to a recent back post in his Instagram. In the poem, the musician we are talking about the fact that Prigogine turned to him, “all politeness aside”. In proof of Cords attached screenshot incoming messages which insult him and threaten him. However, in conversation with URA.RU Prigogine stated that is not the author of these messages and didn’t send Shnurova any personal messages.

The conflict between the artists emerged after Joseph Prigozhin has supported the position of the dancer Sergei Glushko (Tarzan), who stated that in a crisis the state should support artists so they can earn another soon. According to the producer, in the situation of coronavirus is the most vulnerable actors, and as a result, many musicians are really left without a livelihood. In response, the Cords laughed Prigogine, wrote a poem, called “people of God” to help the producer and his wife, singer Valeria, “whatever they may be for food.” Later, the producer was angry because of the ironic works of Shnurova — including due to the fact that the one caught in the conflict his wife, singer Valeria, and promised the musician “a private men’s conversation”.