Musician Yuri Loza commented on the words of filmmaker Vakhtang Kikabidze about the fact that Russia invaded Georgia in 2008.

Earlier, the Georgian artist has stated that he refuses all proposals relating to concert tours in Russia. According to star, he can’t sing to the people who support the current Russian administration.

The vine reminded his colleague that the first Georgia attacked Abkhazia, and Russia had to intervene to protect civilians.

the Issue should be considered in the temporal context. It’s long-lasting history. Not since 2008, and even since the mid 90-ies of the last century. It stretches for several centuries, — said the Russian musician.

According to him, the Russian side should not respond to such attacks. However, Georgia needs to remember that Russia has a lot invested in it, reports FAN.

Earlier Kikabidze responded to the charge that acts of Russia “corporate secret” to earn a living. Information about what the artist regularly travels to Russia “on work”, distributed actor Boris Klyuyev wrote