the Sosnowski’s Hogweed is one of the most dangerous plants in Russia, as are all poisonous parts: stem, leaves and inflorescences. Therefore, doctors suggest avoiding dangerous plant side.

– Touch to it does not cause any discomfort. It is in it’s deceit. After contact with the plant burns does not appear immediately, but after a while – a few hours or even days – said leading research worker of branch of sharp poisonings of scientific research Institute of emergency care named Sklifosovsky Anastasia Simonova.

First, the skin, which were poisonous SAP begins to itch and redden. Then there is a burning sensation, the skin swells and gets covered with small blisters, which then merge into larger bubbles. Once they burst, there is severe pain at any touch to the wound.

the victims have some time to minimize the effects of burns. First it is necessary to carefully rinse the skin, which were poisonous juice, flowing water with soap or shower gel. Wash should be at least 10 minutes. If the juice has got into eyes, immediately wash them with water for 15-20 minutes when placed in the mouth – rinse. Third should take any antihistamine and go to the doctors.

Apply in the treatment of folk remedies – yogurt, yogurt and sea buckthorn oil is impossible. Only a doctor can prescribe treatment, which in the best case will take two weeks.