“Certainly, when you have to choose according to the usual ratio of price-quality, the quality will also be considered. In cases where we will focus on security issues, the defense of the state a significant portion of the procurement will be highlighted for obvious reasons, Russian companies, but in the open markets, of course, this will not happen,” – said Igor Artemyev.

According to him, for 95-99% of the goods that are shipped today from abroad, no restrictions will not be applied. “There will be introduced a soft mechanisms, such as preferences in government Contracting, we know that today there is a special list, that Russian companies when participating in tenders and auctions have a 15% preference <…> we eventually want this preference has spread to almost all markets, giving the advantage of Russian goods and goods of origin from the customs Union. And this is a fairly standard practice for all countries,” – said the head of FAS.

Igor Artemyev also said that while quotas will not be introduced in all sectors and specific types of products and businesses. According to him, the programme of import substitution are preparing the decree of the government, who will have to determine the size of quotas and the mechanism of their implementation.

As previously reported, in June the state Duma adopted in the first reading amendments to the procurement law, providing for the introduction of a quota mechanism in procurement and procurement by state companies of Russian products. Relevant draft laws introduce amendments to the Federal law №44 of the Federal law №223 (govern public procurement – approx. “RG”), which give the government the right to approve the list of goods which will be subject to quotas and size quotas.

it is Assumed that the effect of these preferences will apply to Russian products and goods from the countries of the EEU.