– it was new and 2020, which promised new hope and beginnings – according to the developers the player in the beginning. – Antonina Petrovna was sure that this time she will be able to try something that I have long wanted to master the computer, learn to satin stitch, to learn more about the art world. However, the plans to prevent pandemic coronavirus.

Confidently click on the button “Help Antonina Petrovna.” Early morning, the woman wakes up, straightens untouched, graying brown hair and plans for the day. There’s true a cat Murka. To stroke or pass? Of course, Pat.

the Kitchen fills with the smell of freshly brewed coffee, and Antonina Petrovna decides to turn on the TV. And there messages about the pandemic.

Starting to worry about the heroine: she takes the news to heart. Fortunately, I get a call from the Complex centre of social service of the district. Pensioner talk about safety rules, a “Virtual hall” and give the number a Single settelephone.

Apparently, Antonina Petrovna was calmer: it includes computer and visits the site. Clicks on the category of “Citizens”. The first major task: how many headings in the section? Another would be to find it… Turned out the third time. You should be careful. Next you need to choose a category: virtual tourism, music, or dance. Tourism.

Antonina Petrovna decided to walk to the Hermitage, passing through different rooms. The number of masterpieces seen on her way and even gave himself the most memorable. However, in the turmoil of confused rooms, and art objects. Help Antonina Petrovna properly relate to where and what she saw, asks a game.

Go to the Hermitage. “The art of Ancient Greece of the V century BC” the Statue of Athena, of Poseidon, the heads of the athletes and finally, I need head Amazon. Go ahead: the hall of Leonardo da Vinci, the hall of Netsuke and lounge with southern Italian vases of the IV century BC Tricky: until you look, question not answer.

out of habit to do everything quickly want to finish the quest, but the irrepressible Antonina Petrovna is in a new section.

the Reviews are very positive, says game developer Faith Kushnarenko. – Like component of the story, the practical value.

to Stop this in the center not going. Now the organization is working to create a social network for the elderly. It will be possible also to obtain services.

Walking through the virtual Hermitage Museum interesting, informative and makes you train the brain.