From Simferopol went to the mainland first passenger train trasformer, coaches which will head to Rostov-on-don, a part – to Adler.

In December, 2019 in the Crimea went the first passenger train from St. Petersburg and Moscow, restoring train service to the Peninsula. During this time, on the Crimean bridge train “Tavria” already transported over 300 thousand passengers. By mid-summer 2020 they already connects Simferopol to Moscow, Kislovodsk, Vologda, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Ufa, Kazan and Sevastopol from Moscow and St. Petersburg. Also trains depart from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Pskov to Evpatoria. Thus, the route network covers more than 30 major settlements, sales open 90 days.

for the First time launched on the eve of dwukrotnie train from Simferopol to Rostov-on-don and Adler will run every three days and follow up in different destinations with the same number of trains to the station “Separation of 9-th km”. Further, each of the groups of cars will proceed independently and will have its own room in the schedule.

– the train consists of two compartment and 15 second-class carriages (including both groups), – told “RG” the press service of the company “Grand Service Express”. – The total capacity of the composition is more than 800 locations.

Train No. 315/316 Simferopol – Adler will pass through Krasnodar, Tuapse, Loo, Sochi. Most of the seats occupied by passengers. Most of them will travel to the end station Adler. The length of the route is 790 kilometers and a journey time of 22 hours.

Train No. 415/416 Simferopol – Rostov-on-don will run through the station and Starominskaya Timashevskaya. Most of the passengers will proceed to the final station of Rostov-Chief. The length of the route is 790 kilometers, a journey time of 15 hours. The ticket price for the full route from Simferopol to Adler and Simferopol to Rostov-on-don in the car with reserved seats from 1,400 rubles, in the compartment from 3000 rubles.

– the New night train from Simferopol to Rostov-on-don and Adler will allow for ease of travel along the black sea coast and make available the infrastructure of the Krasnodar and Rostov-on-don for the residents of the Peninsula – said the representative of the shipping company Oksana Kovalchuk. – Pay special attention to measures to prevent the spread of a new coronavirus infection.

In the halls, the dining car, passengers are served with the observance of social distance, also organized the delivery of food in the compartment passengers. And every two hours in the way the cars handle disinfectants. The train crew was supplied with all necessary personal protective equipment, armed with electronic thermometers, and the flight does not allow employees with symptoms of respiratory diseases. In case of deterioration of health of passengers EN route to the nearest station called medics.

We have already on the train “Tavria” to go on a short trip to the North Caucasus, having received tickets from Simferopol to Kislovodsk, – said one of the passengers who bought tickets for the first train, krymchanka Alla Dmitrieva. Now I still will use a new route to Adler – do you want a week and a half the whole family to travel to Abkhazia and Sochi. The bus ride is very long and tedious, and train – a pleasure.