Parks, children’s playgrounds will open on Sunday in St. Petersburg, a summer café and the zoo will resume on June 29.

The corresponding changes in the decree of the city government from March 13 No. 121 "About measures on counteraction to distribution in Saint-Petersburg novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19)" made by the Governor Alexander Beglov.

In particular, from 28 June in St. Petersburg removed the ban on visiting parks, gardens and squares, as well as playgrounds and sports grounds. Children’s playgrounds will be daily disinfected. The rides in the parks will remain closed with the exception of playgrounds and sports grounds, rental of sports equipment and equipment for activities. In parks, gardens and squares will be also carried out disinfection.

Also on Sunday, starts navigation along the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg on the Neva, the Small Neva, Big Nevka, the Middle Nevka and the Malaya Nevka, and the Moika, Fontanka, Griboyedov canal, Kronverksky Strait.

As of June 29, will open in St. Petersburg Leningradsky zoo, renews the solemn registration of marriage, and also permitted by appointment providing services of manicure and pedicure.

Authorities say that, in the premises of marriage registration can not be more than 10 people. Solemn registration of marriage is possible in compliance with the standard of safe operation, mandatory disinfection of ventilation and sanitizing the room after each ceremony.

Monday in Northern capital will open a summer café. It is noted that the resumption of the work of summer cafe it is possible only under condition of receiving a QR code, confirming readiness to implement a standard safe operation, the placement of tables with the observance of a distance of 1.5 meters and mandatory use by workers of personal protective equipment.

Earlier it was reported that from June 5 the residents of St. Petersburg were allowed to visit the temples in compliance with health requirements, opened to visit the cemetery. From 8 June in the city resumed the operation of stores, shops with a separate entrance and sales area of not more than 400 square meters, the showrooms and offices of construction companies. From 15 June in St. Petersburg, has resumed hairdresser, library, bath, furniture stores and photo studios. Resumed the training process in the professional sports clubs and state institutions of St. Petersburg. From June 22, resumed the provision of services of car-sharing, and performance of health centers.

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