Chief editor of the portal about gadgets and technology Lyudmila Murzin told radio Sputnik, whether wired headphones are long.

Headphones with "delicate" wires can be short-lived, but it is not necessary. Just headphones, like any thing, require careful treatment. And, of course, you should try to choose high-quality products, said on radio Sputnik chief editor of the portal about gadgets and technology Lyudmila Murzin.

"not all headphones break very quickly – many exist happily with their headphones over the years. The softer the wire, the more likely they will fail. But I would not say that this is the General rule. Recommendations: try not to throw the headphones anywhere that does not pass the stool, if you are in the office, it is not necessary to twist the wires and you need to choose products of reliable producers. Then they will last a long time", – said Lyudmila Murzin.

To headphone wire did not break when you are trying to adapt the gadget for yourself, you can use special devices, says the expert.

"If you tie a wire bow, it is not a good idea because then they can peretiraetsya and break. But there is a special attachment that them gently bend. If used, it is possible the wires to shorten and make easier. Or, if such problems, it is easier to opt out wired headphones, buy wireless", – says Lyudmila Murzin.

And the latest advice on how to choose a good manufacturer to the person who did this knows nothing.

"If we were talking about the quality earphone, it makes sense to focus on the reviews. But you have to understand that any person who makes surveys, performs with these headphones quite a bit of time and assess their wear resistance is unlikely. If you want to check whether they are reliable, you should read user reviews. If many people write about the fact that the headphones break down quickly, probably makes sense to choose another manufacturer", – said on radio Sputnik Lyudmila Murzin.