to Apply for participation in the procession can be up to 15.00 GMT on 9 may.

– For a month of training to share the downloaded data on the more than 2 million veterans, – says Sergey Makarov. – If we used to have when completing the application form for participation in the March was mandatory stock photos of the hero, we are now accepting applications and without them. Instead of a portrait will be suspended silhouette, which will be the first and last name, years of life and history of the veteran.

Broadcast online procession on the portal of “Immortal regiment of Russia” portal “International Immortal regiment”, and also “Basmanny regiment” in social networks, the portal of the cinema, Okko, on large media facades in the country, particularly in the capital show the procession will be on the building of the Telegraph. Expected direct inclusion in the online procession leading TV channels of the country. According to preliminary data, the display speed of about 5 thousand photos and stories in the hour, however, maybe this time and will adjust. Go to the procession of veterans will be the last of the questionnaire. It is possible that delayed the procession for one week.

– in order not To miss your hero, while sending the questionnaire in a social network or portal “Immortal regiment of Russia” on the return address will receive a letter with the time of the show – says Makarov.

As noted by Makarov, if a person have any difficulty in completing the questionnaire or the downloading of data, can help working around the clock 130 of the hot line operators shares. By the way, since the beginning of the hotline she turned 15 thousand people. The main issues were of a technical nature, but were asked by the people and on how to find the history of their veteran.

Browse for the correct completion of the application form and assist in placing volunteers. All of them are employed in this work 3.7 thousand people. As the Chairman of the Central headquarters of the “Victory Volunteers” Olga Emelchenkova, no provocation was observed, opposite to the volunteers of the appeal of those who in past years helped the volunteers or the search engines. By the way, to find out information about the war veteran can be in the public domain, for example, the website “feat of the people”, created with the support of the Ministry of defense of Russia.

Recall hotline Immortal regiment Russia 8-800-20-1945-0 (hours)

the address of the portal “Russia Immortal regiment”