For several days, Olga Buzova and her lover Dava do not comment on photos of each other, not spread in the network, sharing photos and stories of the star couple, and then there are strange hints of lovers on the problems in the relationship. In the comments, no like from David.

Of the experiences of fans increased after formal publications, first David wrote online: “All smiles despite the sad eyes”, so the singer really is going through a not easy period in life, then Olga said, stories with a sad tone: “This day will ever end, so much news today.”

Fans came to the conclusion that the couple after the honeymoon period came to a family crisis.

that told an insider close to the actors: “Dava is very worried, because despite the large audience, the fans, the hits and the money it continues to be in the media, only guy Olga Buzova, any man that can not be annoying, and ambitious of David all the more”.

Official statement the pair has not yet been done, but fans have already bombed in the reviews to find out what happened.