Spouse Alexander Malinin Emma was convicted of intimate photos with her husband. For more than 30 years of couples are very happy together and demonstrate idyll in the family. Once in an interview, Emma confessed that the key to a perfect marriage, believes understanding: Alexander tries to support his wife in all endeavors, and Emma listens to her husband, but does not forget to devote time and career.

Monday, may 18, Emma was placed on the personal page of candid photos with her husband, which clearly shows that in the case of a couple of time over the senses has no power. While Hiking in the mountains Malinin decided to gently kiss, and the scenes shared on social networks.

A post shared by Dr. med Emma Malinina (@doktoremmamalinina) on May 17, 2020 at 10:11am PDT

Followers Malinina like the photo a lot confused. Some called it the “brute force” and noticed that these pictures are still better left to the personal archive.

“Not too honest?”, – shared his opinion in the comments they. Others stood up for spouses: “You are a wonderful couple,” “a Long and happy family life, favorite Malinin!”, “I love you! Pair just the beauty of it,” bombarded with compliments Emma and Alexander they.