Russian great Sergei Demakov channel “DAD BURN”, also known as the author of the meme “***** [nothing] is not understood, but very interesting,” died at the age of 52 years. This was reported by his friend, posting individual videos.

According to him, “our friend and our dad” of Demikhov died from cardiac arrest on 14 may.

“During filming, I stick with Batey and feel a personal loss. I want to Express my gratitude to all loyal followers for your love and warmth”, he added.

In the comments under the video, fans have positive memories of the blogger and are writing condolences on his death.

The Russians said the words that became a meme on the background of the carpet on the wall in the video with discussion versus-battle rappers and Oxxxymiron Johnyboy. On the channel Demekhov in the image Bati commented on clips of popular bands and artists such as FACE, LSP, Feduk, Egor Krid, PHARAON, Morgenstern and others. Most hits, scored the movie, which he estimated music clip Big Baby Tape for the song Gimme the Loot.

In December 2019, died popular on YouTube-con-blogger Sergey Novik, known under the pseudonym of uncle Pug Dog. Of the last published of the roller should that Novick was diagnosed with bilateral pneumonia.