With the beginning of the year in the media and on online platforms has been simmering scandal between Love assumption and her 30-year-old daughter Tatiana Plaksina. The girl said that her mother from childhood psychologically power over her, besides put a hand to her. Currently the heir of Queen of chanson moved to the United States and has remained without material support famous mother.

In the program “Once…” on NTV Lyubov Uspenskaya told that her daughter TV crew caught just when she was somewhat inadequate.

“We have the war started, I wanted to keep her at home so she never came,” – told the assumption.

The singer believes that her daughter is jealous of her, because Tatiana was not able to succeed in anything – neither in men nor in singing or artistic talent. The star believes that the heiress really delivers unmatched data, but drug addiction nullifies.

“Now she went to America. And I ask only one thing from God – she never wants to see me, she never want to talk to me, let her forget that I’m her mother. I ask only that she was back in consciousness to understand that everything she did was a mistake. Let her be, let her have success, let her be happy. And let it say: “Mom, I don’t want you to know, but I am successful, I held a””, – said the assumption.

Assumption spent on the treatment daughter 7 million

His daughter, the singer called ungrateful, she said, even friend Tanya in shock from her behavior. She doesn’t understand why a child, in whom she put all her soul suddenly began to behave this way.