Russian singer Nargiz Zakirova, better known as Nargis, accused the head of the LDPR faction Vladimir Zhirinovsky in violation of the administrative legislation. The corresponding statement the artist made in his Instagram.

Nargis posted the post segment from the TV channel “NTV” in which Zhirinovsky calls her “monster” and “monkey”. According to the singer, the lawyer applied the policy statement to part 1 of article 5.61 of the administrative code. “On this basis, an insult to me, coming from the mouth of Mr. Zhirinovsky is an offence,” wrote the actress.

Fans wished the singer good luck in her trials with the politician. One of the followers wrote that Zhirinovsky, according to his words, heard the songs of Nargis. Otherwise, said fan, the head of the liberal democratic party would be her fan.