Moscow and the Moscow region — is the only regions in Russia that have already passed the peak of coronavirus. In other subjects of the Russian Federation such peak will come in the next couple of weeks.

This was stated by the candidate of economic Sciences, expert of the Center for economic research, Aghasi Tavadyan. The main reason for the spike is the capital region’s expert identified a significant increase in the number of tests that allowed us to identify and isolate cases in the early stages, according to RIA Novosti.

as a result, the peak came early, and then began to decline. The increase in the number of test takers and the subsequent isolation of virus carriers resulted in a reduction in the rate of spread of the disease, — said Tavadyan.

A long plateau is expected in the North-West Federal district, including in St. Petersburg and in the North Caucasus region. After that will come a gradual and prolonged decline in the number of cases. Most likely, it will last until the end of the summer.

The virus will not go away, he said, he will weaken and will become commonplace. Quarantine is effective only if it met 90% of the population. A decrease of 10% shows only the perceptibility, and 20% — it is useless. In Russia, the number of people that kept the quarantine was less than in Asian countries. But the isolation helped to slow down infection.

Mitigation measures after a significant increase in testing is justified for Moscow and the Moscow region. The same scheme should be used for other regions: to increase testing, to identify asymptomatic carriers and isolate them, thereby preventing the spread COVID-19 — suggested the expert.

The second wave of coronavirus it is not excluded, but it will not be such an unexpected and dramatic. Initially it was predicted that the number of deaths in the world will exceed one million people, but this assumption is not justified.

Earlier reported that the peak of infection with coronavirus in most of the Russian regions can occur at the end of may. This is the opinion of candidate of economic Sciences, expert of the Center for economic research, Aghasi Tavadyan.