Prospects of possible use relocated from the USA to Russia of the complex "Sea launch" are considered at the level of the government, told RIA Novosti source in the Cabinet.

"Evaluated the prospect of using "Sea launch" in the Russian space program," the source said.

In late April, principal owner, Chairman of the Board of Directors of S7 Group, Vladislav Filev said that the project "Sea launch" frozen until better times. At about this time it became known that the Russian space Agency has set the goal of their enterprises to conduct economic feasibility of the resumption of "Sea launch" – to estimate the cost of repair of the floating spaceport and the creation of new missiles, "Soyuz 7". The launches are scheduled to resume in 2024.

Currently, the complex cannot be used, because it is not produced rocket. Previously it was used by rocket "Zenit" produced until 2014 in Ukraine from Russian components. Roscosmos, in turn, offers the S7 group of companies the creation of new missiles, "Soyuz 7" the rocket "Soyuz-5". However, its development over the years has not begun.

In the absence of the rocket, suggested in an interview with RIA Novosti head of the space policy Institute Ivan Moiseev, the complex cannot be restored, except if all the same to solve all the problems, the complex will compete on the market runs not only foreign but also Russian missiles.

According to the expert, the government could pay attention to the complex if, for example, the owner of "Sea launch" Filev has addressed to the Cabinet for help. "Perhaps the same Filev, wrote a letter to the government: "Let’s save the complex". Despite the fact that the complex belongs to the group S7, it is a national treasure with historic significance, the unique floating cosmodrome", – said Moiseev.

"Sea launch" mothballed in 2014, when he was made last, the 36th launch of Ukrainian carrier rocket "Zenit". The work was stopped due to the deterioration of Russian-Ukrainian relations.

According to experts, for sustainable "Sea launch" should be carried out annually for four start-up that since 1999 over its entire history, managed to achieve only three times. In 2009 the project went bankrupt and as a result of restructuring moved to the ALAC "Energy". In April 2018, the S7 group of companies has closed a deal for $ 150 million for the purchase of "Sea launch", becoming the full owner of the floating spaceport. However, starting a business was not continued.