Researchers from the Institute of sociology found that certain occupations are most susceptible to drug addiction. This is reported by “Izvestia”.

Scientists have discovered features of substance use in different occupational groups. So, they came to the conclusion that the risk group includes doctors, lawyers, builders and workers of hazardous industries, as well as military personnel. The reason for this specialists called the special working conditions associated with the profession increased levels of stress.

Also the most prone to drug use workers of heavy industry and man-made hazardous enterprises. They are at risk because often their plants are located far away from major cities, making them attractive to criminal networks. Also in this area are large areas for planting. The use of illegal substances tend also staff buildings. The builders cope with the pain from his injuries with the help of painkillers that are addictive.

Doctors also have experience episodic drug use or are in the course of his entire career. One of the main reasons is the affordability of medical drugs to physicians, according to Professor at the Center of a name Serbian Ministry of health Tatyana Klimenko. However, according to her, the main reason is different.

“Now for the use of medical professionals drugs strict control. Such substances are discharged according to the license plate recipes, and the chance to cheat at the doctor a little. With regard to research in General, in my opinion, propensity to drug use depends not on profession, but from the human personality and culture,” — said Klimenko.

Head of the Department of psychiatry, narcology and psychotherapy RUDN Alexander Berezkin said that doctors are often prone to addiction.

“Doctors are abusing prescription drugs, including narcotic, much more often than their patients. Perhaps this trend starts with the use of light tranquilizers during the difficult student in medical University. The addiction to various drugs depends largely on the expertise of the doctor,” Berezkin said.

The authors for several years conducted online surveys of working-age people ranging in age from 21 to 55 years. They also conducted a survey of patients treated for drug addiction. All were interviewed five thousand people. The researchers emphasized that their findings require deeper analysis. They also said they plan to continue the work.