On Friday, July 3, in Moscow expected heavy rain will move in on Saturday night. May fall to half of the monthly norm of precipitation, forecasters warned on the website, “Meteonovosti”.

Experts explained that atmospheric fronts worsened over Belarus and an area with showers and thunderstorms with a speed of 40-50 kilometers per hour moving to the Moscow region. Precipitation should be expected from 18:00, most of them will fall on the Western part of the capital. There is also a hail.

“the process can fall from one third to one half of the monthly norm of precipitation. In July, she is 94 millimeters”, — stated in the message of weather forecasters and stresses that record-breaking values are expected.

Earlier Muscovites promised heat of 30 degrees. According to the chief specialist of the Moscow weather Bureau Tatyana Pozdnyakova, Monday will be over and thunderstorms will prevail partly cloudy. The heat above 30 degrees is expected by the middle of next week, said forecaster.