The oldest actor of the Central theater of the Russian army Alexander Petrov died on Friday at 99-m to year of life, according to the website of the theatre.

"July 3, 2020 after a prolonged illness in 99-m to year of life died the oldest of our theater artist, people’s artist of Russia Alexander A. Petrov", – stated in the message. A farewell ceremony will be held in the theater 6 July 2020 11:00 GMT.

Alexander Petrov was born on 24 March 1922. He was an active participant of the great Patriotic war and the actor-veteran. In the composition of the 137th regiment of communications. Bohdan Khmelnytsky participated in the battle of Stalingrad and in the liberation of Odessa, Prague, Vienna, Budapest. For his achievements awarded the order of "the Patriotic war" II degree and the Medal of honor, medal "For military merit", "For the defense of Stalingrad", "For victory over Germany" and other awards.

In the theatre of the Russian army Petrov had served for almost 70 years. He played more than 50 characters. Among his roles Voronin from "Fortress over the bug," the world of "Ocean" of Recaredo of "dance Teacher" Mika from "Drummers" the Size of "virgin soil upturned," Wynn of "Uncle Vanya" Azarov "long Ago" Dionysius in the "Tsar Feodor Ioannovich".

"Man is a legend nearly as old as the century, has seen a lot in his life, he went on the stage of the Theater army in the present, the 90th season and played in the play "the Fate of one of the house". And let this role was quite small, but it was so necessary in this setting, an appeal to us, the audience, "no war", – stated in the message on the website.