During an epidemic of novel coronavirus infection was the Russian doctors have shown heroism and selflessness, not allowing the deaths of tens of thousands of people. This was announced today by health Minister of Russia Mikhail Murashko during the opening ceremony of the new isolation hospital, construction of which finished in Nizhny Novgorod. He said that the heroism of medical workers decided to perpetuate in the monument.

“the promotion and protection of human coronavirus in these months took part more than 500 thousand health workers, and appropriate training and has trained 1.5 million doctors and nurses, the Minister said. – It was a challenge for the entire system. And we must pay tribute to all the doctors, nurses, Junior medical staff, doctors and other emergency room staff, they all showed heroism and selflessness, does not prevent the loss of tens of thousands of people.”

Mikhail Murashko announced that it has begun the design of the monument, which depicted the selfless work of physicians during the epidemic. “So we can all remember the dedication and responsibility exhibited by the medical workers”, – said the Minister.

He also noted that new infectious diseases hospital in Nizhny Novgorod meets all modern views on the provision of specialized aid to patients with various infections. “The hospital is designed very well. We see – it has nameofprofile zone. In everyday life we are faced with various infections is not only lung disease, but also intestinal diseases, and other infections. The new hospital has the opportunity to divide the patients presenting with diseases of different etiologies in order to ensure the protection of personnel and patients from Contracting other infections and to ensure the effectiveness of treatment,” said Mikhail Murashko.