the Program “Sirius.Summer: start your project” appeared in the framework of the concept of smart stay, which was proposed by the head of the Educational center “Sirius” Elena Shmeleva. The program was created with the support of the Ministry of science and higher education of the Russian Federation.

its Main goal is to unite students of 7-11 grades, which under the leadership of senior students next year will be to develop scientific and technological projects and solve relevant for your region of the objectives proposed by partner organizations.

the Coordination of the project involved regional centers, created on the model of “Sirius”, which already operate in 50 regions of the country. Registration for the program is available in the system of Sirius.Online.

“Running the program “Sirius.Summer”, we wanted to introduce students to the priorities of their native regions, and industry companies, universities and research centers all over Russia with the regional centres, created on the model of “Sirius”. We focused on this – to make friends with everyone in the program and to find useful and interesting forms of cooperation, meaningful and active partners. Within the programme students will be able to prepare a project for participation in national and international competitions, including the contest of scientific-technological projects “Big challenges”. Students will gain experience of teaching practice in the project activities and improve the skills of project initiation. And partners will draw attention to their industry and find motivated employees”, – said Elena Shmeleva.

to participate in the project received more than 5 thousand applications, of which about 3.6 thousand students and 870 students. Industry companies and research institutes have already prepared 630 projects – engineering and research tasks.

All tasks meet the priorities of the Strategy for scientific and technological development of Russia: digital technology and artificial intelligence, environmentally friendly and resource-saving energy, personalized medicine and high-tech healthcare, sustainable agro – and aquaresist, combating threats to national and individual security, the connectivity of the territory of the Russian Federation, effective interaction of man, nature and technology.

So, you guys will solve the problem of the Autonomous delivery of liquefied natural gas to hard-to-reach settlements, to develop a chassis research of lunar Rover and lunar suit of the XXI century, capable of providing comfortable long-term stay of astronauts on the surface of the satellite. Projects of far Eastern Federal University examined the survival rates of animalcules (microscopic invertebrates) in open space and aimed at the development of intelligent ��UEV for environmental monitoring in the marine bays of Vladivostok. Udmurt state University, presented the task of creating miniature sensors for bio-engineered devices that mimic the thyroid gland.

Students and mentors can choose their project until August 14th, students until August 31. To work on assignments the participants will throughout the next school year. To register on the platform can be up to 8 August.