Actress Agatha muceniece kept his promise and filed divorce papers. Soon it will be officially a free woman.

On the website of Golovinskiy district court released a statement by artist. The divorce process muceniece Paul Priluchny will soon launch.

a Divorce is moving slowly — confessed socialite during a live broadcast in Instagram.

Muceniece a few years ago threatened to divorce her husband. But she decided to keep the family together because of the two children. She had hoped to restore the relationship, but nothing happened. The woman later launched his own YouTube show in which Dating divorced girlfriends and discusses life after divorce.

Earlier muceniece admitted: Paul Priluchny raised her hand and demanded that she and the children left their common home. The actress made contact with the phone to his mom. According to her, Paul is behaving inappropriately. Sitting at home in isolation, he started drinking heavily and, increasingly, to snap at children.

Wrote actress and ex-Deputy of the State Duma Maria Kozhevnikova commented on the scandal, which occurred in the family Priluchnogo.