Host of “heads and tails. Shopping” Mary Ivanova said in Instagram about your condition and described how it was treated from the coronavirus. According to blogers, she’s already got a negative test and waiting for results of re-analysis.

“At the end I can say that the symptoms lasted about nine days,” he described Ivanova. She noted that the sense of smell came back to her in a week, the muscles now stretch freely, although in the past she could not make the tilt. Presenter noted that her young man managed not to get infected. “How is that possible, I don’t understand,” said Ivanova.

She also shared her list of drugs she was taking. However, she noted that such treatment may not be suitable for everyone, so everyone ill need to consult with your doctor.

In April it was reported that the coronavirus has infected TV presenter and General Director of channel “Spas” Boris korchevnikov. He this information is not commented.

The total number of infected in Russia as of may 15, exceeded $ 262 thousand in 85 regions, the number recovered has increased to 58 226. Since the beginning of the epidemic died 2418 patients.