The resident of the city of Gubakha of the Perm edge three years had to live with “men’s passport” because of an error of the Ministry of interior instead of the female in the “gender” is male. She told about it URA.RU.

According to the woman, she got a passport in 2017. A document she checked all the data, but did not pay attention to the floor. Error noticed by her husband.

The woman went to MVD to change the document, but told her that it can be done only at her expense. It was explained that the reason for the error was the “human factor”. She added that she could get on the passport the loan for several hundred thousand rubles.

In March, the resident of Kaliningrad have learned that from 2017 the number was dead when I tried to get on reception to the doctor in the clinic. The receptionist told her that the medical system was its death from cirrhosis of the liver, and in 2016, she allegedly was diagnosed with alcoholic hepatitis. Thus in 2016 the woman was observed on pregnancy and birth. Her medical records also showed visits to the doctor, which she did not write, including in other cities. Some of them were scheduled for midnight. It intends to address in Prosecutor’s office.