In the period of the pandemic on the verge of poverty risk workers whose age is approaching the so-called pre-retirement. In the reform of 2019, on a phased increase in the retirement age had provided a guarantee for all pretensioners from unlawful dismissal and denial of employment. However, in a crisis caused by a coronavirus, this measure has seriously hit it on workers 50 and 55+ for women and men respectively.

Employers, abruptly losing income because of the pandemic in the first place become all hook and crook to get rid of such employees, before they reach the age conventionally untouchable. Thus labour exchanges choke the flow of the unemployed, and the chance to find work in the profession for 50 years are becoming less real.

a Year ago I got a job in contract Department in one of the private construction companies, explains 53-year-old Muscovite Marina Nikolaevna. – By agreement with the employer the first year I had to work on a fixed-term employment contract with a condition subsequent transfer to a permanent contract.

My contract ended in April, and to renew his employer refused, despite the fact that no claims to my work never arose, on the contrary, several times I paid incentive awards. At the same time two other employees significantly younger than me. their places kept.

I was born in 1967, that is, the new rules have the right to retire at 59 years. Accordingly, my retirement age will commence 5 years before, in 54 years, that is about. When dealing with eye to eye chief indirectly made me realize that the reason that I never want to see in the company, is exactly my age. Say, it is not clear what will happen to the business in the near future, perhaps income will fall even more, and will have to dramatically cut costs. Accordingly, I turn into a yoke on the neck, as it reaches retirement age, when to fire an employee is not so easy.

I have registered at the labour exchange and have a month alone looking for work. Jobs in my field there are many private construction companies do not fully stop their work even during prohibition. However, on my resume from everywhere come the denials, the labor exchange also say that the chances are small. How to live, it is not clear to retirement for another six years.

In a difficult position now was and individual entrepreneurs and owners of small companies in the age 50+ whose business was completely destroyed by pandemic. For employers, the former IP-shniki, in addition to retirement age even before the coronavirus were considered the most unattractive employees.

– I am 57 years old, before the crisis, my wife worked in the exhibition business: ZachPali a variety of crafts and Souvenirs in bulk and resold them at town fairs, – says Dmitry. – In fact, in the last two years, business was getting worse, it was noticeable that people have become less and less money. Nevertheless, life without any frills we always had, and daughter helped who is raising two children.

all Pandemic destroyed completely, fairs and exhibitions were closed at first. The problem is that this business, given its position in recent times, will not recover quickly, will take years, and what do we do now, is not clear. Any kind of decent job after PI and at our age not to get it too, friends are not converted, now all their problems.

his Wife of 52 years, on a pension she can expect, as I did, only after 8 years. We tried to go at least some work, but even with all of the jobs are already taken. Even if we close our entrepreneurs, unemployment benefit, we will still set a minimum, it is a vicious circle.

to comment on the situation, we appealed to the Manager of recruitment companies Mile Malyn:

“actually at the moment on the labour market for citizens 50+ is simply breath-taking situation. The main jobs are different call centers, advertising calls, which offer only pay a percentage of sales. You work from morning to evening and receive a penny.

Despite the fact that some time ago in our country the employer was forbidden to refuse a candidate employment on the basis of age, in fact none of these rules are not respected. To refuse because you can just without explanation.

In reality the employer often generally sets a maximum limit age of the candidate is 45, and even 40 years. In a pandemic, business owners are trying to cut costs and do everything to each employee on the maximum work their own rate. Another problem is that after the reform by increasing the retirement age the number of people who need to work until retirement after 50 years has increased. And more jobs did not, despite promises of the authorities. And stricter rules for dismissal of employees close to retirement age led to the fact that employers do not want to contact those applicants who are approaching this period to protect yourself from problems in the future.”