MOSCOW, 22 Aug — RIA Novosti. Most Americans don’t know what the holiday is celebrated on may 8 in Western countries, according to a survey by “Sputnik. Opinion.”

This date in USA, UK and most European countries is the day of the end of world war II.

Sociologists say that 69 percent of respondents either did not know what the holiday is celebrated on may 8, or incorrectly answered this question. The correct answer was given less than a third of respondents.

the Majority of study participants (77 percent) said the main opponent of USA in the Second world war Germany. At the same time, eleven percent of the respondents indicated Russia, and five more in China. Eight percent of respondents said that they do not know with whom he fought States.

in addition, according to the survey, every tenth Respondent (12%) have not heard of the Holocaust.

the Study was conducted by IFop, the oldest company in France, dedicated to the study of public opinion. Surveyed 1004 Americans over the age of 18. The sample of participants is representative by gender, age and geography. The maximum error for the data in the country is 3.1% at a confidence level of 95 percent.