around the world in days revealed 183 020 new cases of infection with coronavirus, according to the report of the world health organization on 21 June. The total number of cases, according to who, increased to 8.7 million, According to the Johns Hopkins University, in the world of coronavirus infected to 8.9 million.

the Largest number of new cases (more than 116 thousand) who have recorded in North and South America. In some US States recorded the highest number of infected per day (in California on June 21 revealed a 4.5 thousand new cases, which was the highest value since March).

the Previous record increase in the number of new infected, over 150 thousand — who recorded 18 June, before the organization reported identified per day 106 thousand cases.

a New outbreak of coronavirus began in June in Beijing. The disease was discovered two employees of the wholesale market, “Sinhali”, it was closed, and in Fengtai district, where is located the market, introduced the “wartime mode”. By June 15 the test for the coronavirus showed positive results in 59 people were tested to 76.4 thousand.

Chapter who Tedros ghebreyesus of June 19 said that the world has entered a “new and dangerous” phase of the pandemic coronavirus. He noted that States should focus on the testing population, isolation and treatment of infected patients.