the Son of actor Mikhail Boyarsky Sergei commented on the father’s appearance in the video, which pojavilos the Network in early June. On it the artist looked much emaciated, bald and bags under the eyes, very scared of his fans.

Many users, having seen the entry, found that the actor began to have serious health problems. However, it is not so, assured Sergei Boyarsky. His father is actually in excellent physical shape and its thinness is a genetic predisposition.

“He’s always been thin and lean”, he said in the program “You wouldn’t believe!” on NTV.

He added that the father in that video was “emotional”. In General, he is by nature an adventurer, sometimes self-harm.

“He once broke a heel. Fell from the ladder. Limped the next few years,” recalled the son of boyar.

However, in recent years the nature of the actor became more calm. He, incidentally, also sees no problem in how it looks. According to him, he feels well, and his sickly appearance, he explained that I have not looked in the mirror.

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