Deputy Vitaly Milonov said that the actor Marat Basharov should be punished for the beatings, which were subjected by their wives. About this politician said in the program “You wouldn’t believe!” on NTV channel.

“Rambler” wrote that earlier in the Network appeared the petition on the deprivation of Marat Basharova the title of honored artist of Tatarstan and the state prize of the Russian Federation. The document was published after the artist in a candid interview admitted that his three marriages were often abused alcohol and beat the wives. In turn, Basharov said that the drafters of the petition have the right to decide this question.

“of Course, is audacity. Today he beat one another tomorrow, and the next day he, as one well-known Professor, just kill his girlfriend ( in the murder of his lover is charged with historian Oleg Sokolov. – Approx. ed.). He publicly, in fact, calls to follow his example. The one who beats his wife, can say that he is a follower of Marat Basharova,” said Milonov.

The politician stressed that the actions of the actor felony, and he should be held accountable, at least in the form of public works.

“It may be cleaning the streets, cleaning public toilets. And maybe even imprisonment,” said he.

Milonov also suggested that Basharova care about the opinion of colleagues and you just need to stop to take it off in the movie as an actor “, his talent, he essentially buries violence and alcoholism.”