The son of actress Irina Zybina, who died a year ago from a heart attack, after his mother arranged a big party. About this on air of the program “You wouldn’t believe!” on NTV, said close friends of the artist.

The journalists said that Eugene Blagonravov’ve raised money for his mother’s funeral. As a result, in his possession was more than two million rubles, which, I believe girlfriends Zybina, was not spent as intended: after the death of her Blagonravov threw a loud party on the occasion of his birthday, while at the tomb of the Actresses is still not a monument.

Earlier, as reported “the Rambler”, son Zybina became the figurant of other scandal. Starhit wrote that the man began to unilaterally dispose of the property to his mother, a country house and three apartments in Moscow is not going to share the inheritance with his sister. Journalists noted that Blagonravov lives in a mansion and apartment rents. Zybina daughter Zinaida, who from childhood lives in the USA, already announced the intention to consult with lawyers and to go to Russia to address the issue of inheritance.