Medical masks can cause damage to human health in a surprising and unexpected way. Those who are under threat, told radio Sputnik, the Executive Director of public organization "Green patrol" Andrey Nagibin.

By itself, a face mask, if you wear it right, change every 3 hours, can not harm the user. But after eating it could pose a threat. Discarded in a normal trash bag, worked out the mask becomes a breeding ground for infection, warns Andrei Nagibin.

"Masks, rubber gloves, q-tips and even foil from tablets and other personal hygiene products of a diseased person must be in a separate package, which you need to take. Decay infection at home is to 7 days, but on the street it happens in 24 hours" – said in an interview with radio Sputnik ecologist.

The problem of disposal of the means of protection is relatively new. During a pandemic coronavirus huge number of used masks and gloves began to get into the garbage, where they can get workers. Andrey Nagibin in an interview with radio Sputnik offered a solution to the problem.

"Working on sorting garbage for the most part, engage in manual processing "secondary". These people in great risk. I think at this stage you want to suspend the case. For methodof class "B" it is urgent to create another chain of export. It is necessary to put in the cities and some containers and collect back the mask and gloves separately. Then assembled should not be disposed of in landfills, and to destroy", – said the Executive Director of the NGO "Green patrol".

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