the Weakening of quarantine measures in England, scheduled for July 4, will not affect only the inhabitants of Leicester – one of the most immigrant cities of the United Kingdom. In Leicester and its vicinity, the outbreak of coronavirus. The authorities again close down stores, shops and schools open will be only the grocery stores and pharmacies.

We contacted a well-known journalist and blogger Masha Slonim, for details of the next lockdown.

Leicester have already taken some action?

– the Picture is very strange. The city has razmorozili areas more and less dangerous. But the border between them is very conditional. It’s just a strained ribbons. No police, and no one is watching the transition from one zone to another. So if the next safe street in a couple of days to open a pub, nothing will prevent anyone to go there, sit and chat.

– And what is the situation today with the coronavirus in England?

– Very bad. There are almost 44 thousand officially recognized deaths, and in fact there are many more. And the weakening of the lockdown since 4 July is the government’s attempts to save the economy and to reveal some areas of activity. But many this is a daunting prospect because there are fears that there will be new foci of infection. Sad statistics – more than a hundred dead in the last day.

It is like a second wave or until the echoes of the first?

– I think that “burp” first. People have relaxed slightly. When about ten days ago warm weather, everyone rushed to the beaches, began to embrace – there is a breakthrough of the dam isolation. It has been 100 days after the start of the lockdown.

Limitation still exists?

– of Course. They will remain in the future, but in mild form. Social distance will be reduced to one meter. But the pools will be closed, theaters also, restaurants will be able to set up the tables only on the verandas of the school will open in August-September.

the Government regrets that were not immediately imposed quarantine?

– the Government does not regret about it and even pretend that it had. Yet fattens herd immunity, people die in nursing homes, infected doctors, because they do not have enough PPE. Lost had a lot of time and lives. Many epidemiologists have criticized the government for it.

– are You still in isolation?

– do not go out of the comfort zone. Only meet with her son, grandson. Never since the beginning of the pandemic’t been out in London, did not use public transport. We observe some precautionary measures in small shops admit one at a time to avoid the crowds.

your inner circle someone moved COVID-19?

– I Have a few friends ill with the coronavirusOhm, but all pulled through. They permoralize home, no one came because very bad, they were not. It is in Russia got used to the fact that the doctor should come, listen to lungs, look at the throat. Here the doctor did not cause just so, even when you have symptoms. If you can’t breathe, an ambulance comes, will be taken to the hospital and placed in kovideo office.

How people are treated at home?

Since the drugs are still there, take the vitamins, antipyretic. One of my friends actually didn’t take anything. But no one today knows the real state of Affairs. How many people have it? How many died in nursing homes without a diagnosis? There after was a nightmare. Today at least misleading official statistics fair. Now in the midst of Leicester, but many Britons fear that may be a flash in the other cities.

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