Director of the comic team “Ural dumplings” Evgeny Orlov has told, how the former Director of the show Sergey Nitievskiy lied to his colleagues. In an interview with Starhit he also said that the showman in his time, just got kicked off the team.

According to Orlov, with the filing Natascha the band signed various documents. They trusted their leader, so as people are creative, do not even get a grasp of the content.

“it Turned out that all rights belong to the companies where Sergey has a share, and the team was no co-ownership,” explained the project Director.

Orlov said that Nitievskiy not the left of “Ural dumplings” — it drove the other comedians a common solution. He tried to resolve this issue in court, but was not able to recover the rights. At the same time to go to settlement agreement do not want it Nitievskiy, noted Director of “Ural dumplings.”

Recall that the litigation between Netascii and “the Ural pelmeni” relating to intellectual property, last for more than one year. Earlier Nitievskiy called Orlov a “weapons dealer” who is very good at destroying, black PR, seizure of assets and the manipulation of staff.