Dmitry Peskov told reporters that the outcome of voting on amendments to the Constitution in the Kremlin “definitely consider it a triumph”. “In fact, de facto, he took a triumphant referendum about trust to President Putin,” – he stressed.

According to press Secretary of the head of state, it was possible to predict the high interest of Russians to the plebiscite, because “it was due to high activity in the preliminary stage”. “But such a high turnout and level of support it is very difficult to predict”, – said Peskov. He noted that such support all initiatives will become a “Foundation for a better future of our country.”

“What reforms (of the voting results – “MK”), I can’t say this will require legislative initiatives and legislation,” – said Peskov, adding that “there is a lot of work”.

the Protest vote in the Nenets Autonomous district, according to the speaker of the Kremlin, could be caused not by the distrust of inhabitants to Vladimir Putin and other factors, in particular the theme of uniting of entities. Across the country and shared the results of the voting the number of voters NAO, not used amendments to the Constitution, “very low”. “But that’s the position of people and even though they are in the absolute minority, they have that right,” – said Peskov.

a Kremlin spokesman said that there is no “debriefing” by regions, which showed a lower level of support or a low turnout can not be, because the main criterion was “maximum clarity and transparency of voting”.

According to the CEC for amendments to the Constitution voted 77,92% of voters, against – of 21.27%. In Moscow according to the e-voting share in favor of the changes to the law made 65,29%, against -33,98%. The opposition was Nenets Autonomous Okrug, where it was opposed by 55,25% of all voters – 43,78%.

Ella Pamfilova said that the protest vote in the NAO indicate the reliability of the counting results of the plebiscite.

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