Basharov, the actor, infamous for the fact that has a habit of beating their wives, in the end, all were under trial.

Recently Marat told in the program show “million dollar Secret”, as he thrashed his ex-wives – Catherine Arkharova and Elizabeth Shevarkov.

And grabby, he’s not just so – bad women, he said.

In General, said a lot of excess and, as it turned out, slandered women.

Catherine Arkharov decided that I will never be – enough that she took his statement from the police, regretting Marat, and this time filed a libel suit – said “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Marat Basharov threatened with corrective works and the penalty to one million rubles.

But that’s not all. Investigation on application of Oksana Pushkina, who addressed law enforcement bodies with the request to understand why the bully Basharov is still not punished for domestic violence.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, all marriages Basharova ended by the fault of the actor for domestic violence. About Marat himself frankly stated in a recent interview: he is convinced that the ex-wife became instigators of its aggression.