Online magazine Wonderzine complained of threats from Ksenia Sobchak. The statement appeared on the newspaper’s website.

In mid June there was the editor-in-chief Yulia Taratuta. The journalist criticized Sobchak for her remarks about racism, the American protests, discrimination and police abuse. Later, the company Audi has severed its advertising contract with Sobchak.

After these events, the presenter described the column of editor-in-chief Wonderzine “registered” and sent Taruta message: “you’ll know Soon enough. I just like it [obscenity] will not leave. This abomination I did not expect from you. All will return, as the song says Dmitry Malikov”.

In Wonderzine appeal to readers said that the editors took her words as a threat.

Sobchak in his Telegram channel said that Yulia Taratuta has published private correspondence and encouraged the editor to do journalism, not juggling other people’s statements.