Verkhnyaya Pyshma city court has fined 18 thousand rubles defrocked schemamonk Sergius (Nicholas Romanov). He was found guilty of inciting hatred or enmity. Himself a cleric on trial, like the last time did not come, his interests were represented by lawyer Svetlana Gerasimova. Why her client ignored the meeting, it is not known. Previously it had fined 90 thousand rubles for the dissemination of fakes on coronavirus infection. The lawyer called the court’s decision is objective.

As explained in the press service of the Verkhnyaya Pyshma city court, Nicholas Romanov is involved in the admission of statements during a sermon at Sredneuralskaya convent, bearing the signs of excitation of enmity, hatred, hatred, humiliation of human dignity to the group on a national basis. Deprived of defrocked monk could face up to 15 days of arrest, compulsory work for up to 100 hours or a fine in the amount of 20 thousand rubles.

Recall that the schema-monk Sergius – COVID-a dissident who advised all to follow the example of the Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko. People who supported the decision to close the temples during the period of isolation, the priest cursed and warned about the creation of “e-camp of Satan.” Soon he was denied the right to preach and forbade to leave the territory of St. John the theologian monastery. After that, with the support of the Cossacks, he seized Sredneuralskaya convent, ousted from the control of the abbess Barbara. The police did not find these actions violations of law.

In the end, 3 July, the court of the Yekaterinburg diocese acknowledged Sergius guilty of violating the monastic vows and deprived of dignity. The decision of the diocesan court must be approved by the Patriarch, and father Sergius may appeal to the General ecclesiastical court in Moscow. Nikolay Romanov believes that to exclude from Church activity should the Patriarch Kirill. He also believes that Vladimir Putin should give him the powers of the President.

the Situation was commented by lawyer Dmitry Agranovsky:

– In General, the sanction is not the most terrible, as is involved in this article he for the first time. People at the age of occupying a certain social position, so to shut it down for 15 days, probably no need no. Punishment neither strict nor soft, but somewhere in the middle.

If it came to court how could he defend himself?

– Serge deprives himself of the right to protection. He could explain what he meant and called. Russian language is very rich, a language of tones. The same words can Express different things. Serge could speak figuratively, and so forth. But he could speak and literally, then we can not know, he doesn’t report to us.

– maybe this that he will come to court, will begin to make excuses, and as a result everyone will understand that the situation is even worse than it did in the beginning?

Maybe that’s why you need advocates to help get yourself in deeper. But in this case it is politics, because religion in a broad sense also part of the policy. People like Serge need not fear punishment, but rather to wish to suffer. In the history of such cases mass.

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