In Russia from July 20, earned a government program that allows to switch the car from gasoline to gas with a big discount. Decided to abandon the petrol will give the subsidy on purchase and installation of LPG equipment. In General, the subsidy should cover 90% of the cost of the transition to gas. The program was conceived to support the gas industry at the expense of the drivers who promised fuel savings. Gas is really cheaper than gasoline in 2-3 times, but in its use there are big risks.

the incentive Program transfer of cars to gas fuel at the legislative level, acts from last year. Now it is updated, increasing the size of the discount. Now the state will reimburse 60% of the cost of translation (previously 30%), and another 30% will pay the main beneficiary of the program “Gazprom gas fuel”. The conversion of cars to gas costs an average of 60-90 thousand rubles: half is spent on the purchase of equipment and the same installation. Accordingly, with the discount it will cost for a particular customer, 6 to 9 thousand rubles. How fast will pay off this upgrade, depends on how many rides the driver. Typically the gas cylinders are installed in trucks, buses, and taxis. In Moscow, for example, gasoline AI-92 costs about 32 rubles, AI-95 more — 43 rubles, a liter of methane — 15 rubles. At these prices the machine rendering of gas pays for itself after 10-20 thousand kilometers.

this government program subsidizes only the transition to CNG — compressed natural gas methane. Besides him there are also propane-butane mixture, but the discounts will not be. Methane is stored in liquid form under high pressure and propane-butane in the liquid. The second is a little more expensive, but more popular, says a member of the Committee on energy strategy and development of fuel and energy complex TPP Rustam Tankan. “To set the cylinders for propane-butane on any vehicles — cars and trucks. For sale, even new cars with such systems. But the CNG tanks are very large and heavy. Methane fuelling stations are few and dangerous: methane is stored under pressure of 200 atmospheres (propane need 5 atmospheres), required constant check of the cylinders, and the slightest error in operation is fraught with explosions. Methane is used in trucks and buses, but such systems are not very economical. In Russia for 50 years is actively promoting the use of methane, but not very successfully,” — said the expert.

the Tankan said that there is an alternative technology for the processing of methane into liquid fuels, but it is in Russian for some reason do not develop. “During the Second world war, recycled methane, gasoline, used by the Germans. Then technology developed in the United States. Now there is gasoline in terms of production competes with the shale oil. We have the same half-century trying to implement a stillborn technology,” he added.

the state Program “energy Development” means the development of infrastructure of gas stations. Now they are sorely lacking: there are no more than 500 throughout the country. Until 2024, according to government plans, there must be another 800 such stations. “Gas stations are few, because few transport gas. The vicious circle turns out, — said the Director of the energy development Fund Sergey Pikin. — When there is demand, there will be refueling. As in the case including the state subsidies, the process of transfer of cars on gas will be more active”.

the expert does not exclude that the price of natural gas may rise after demand. “The price of methane and propane-butane are not controlled by the government, as the price of gasoline. There are already over the situation will have to follow the Federal Antimonopoly service. Still, the volumes of gas compared to gasoline is small, so the mass abuse of prices should not expect” — summed up the Pikin.