the Moscow Prosecutor’s office approved the indictment in the case of fatal accident against the actor Mikhail Yefremov. Consideration on the merits will be held in the Presnensky district court.

But today, July 20, the civil wife of the deceased Sergei Zakharov was sent to the Prosecutor of Moscow the statement in which asked to return the criminal case for additional investigation to the investigator to eliminate violations of the law.

In particular, the woman demanded to check the testimony of the relatives of the deceased, which, in her opinion, could give a false testimony in respect of the private life of the deceased.

In a statement, Irina Sterkhovoe to the Prosecutor’s office said:

“Me, as a person close to the deceased are not allowed to participate in the case either as a witness or as the victim. It became clear to me why this situation could happen. I assume this happened as a result of the defamatory statements and false testimony against me by persons recognized as victims, with the purpose to exclude me from participation in the case.”

In its statement, says sterkhova, immediately after the death of Sergei, his younger son Valery through the media and social networks claimed that he did not know Irina called her an impostor. According to the Complainant, his position through the media supported the brother of Sergei, who, incidentally, has long been familiar with Sterkhovoe.

“I Believe that the fact of my living together with Sergei for the past 22 years, they were maliciously concealed or intentionally distorted in the course of interrogations,” the statement reads.

According to Irina, all the victims in the case, with the exception of the eldest son of the deceased, could give a result of false testimony.

From the statement of Sterkhovoe: “Sergey resided permanently with me in a civil marriage. At my residence he was treated and consisted on the account in spetspriemniki TSAGI, Zhukovsky. At his place of work knew me as a wife. The phone number of Sergei in the continuous mode was first in Zhukovsky, and then in Kotel’niki, in our residence, my apartment is the location of the subscriber can be set.

All these statements, interviews in the media and possibly false testimony during the investigation and cause me emotional distress and cause the adoption of illegal decisions of the investigator. I believe that the actions of these persons can be criminal offences – defamation and perjury”.

We caught up with Irina to explain the details.

At the weekend it was 40 days since the death of Sergei. You went to the graveyard, where he met with his relatives?

– Yes, I went to the cemetery. There are faced with all the relatives. Just returned from the graves, they just went there. Path one. I went down, missed it and went on.

have Not spoken?

No. What we CONVto variate?

– do You think that the relatives of Zakharova, possibly concealed from the investigator by the fact that the victim lived with you?

– most Likely it was, otherwise the investigator drew attention to me. Of all the family, only the eldest son of Sergei, Vitali acted like human beings. He told me that the investigator asked him, where he lived for the father. Vitali said that in Moscow. Then hint about me, wanted to tell, with whom his father lived, but the COP stopped him, said that a criminal case about the accident, he is not interested, with whom he lived Sergei.

– the Youngest son of the deceased, who called you a fraud, knew about your existence?

When we met with Sergei, Valery was little. My husband once brought him in Zhukovskiy, I helped him to find ophthalmologist. More we have not talked to him. The fact that Sergey was going to get a divorce, Vitaly knew. Probably heard of me. After all my husband’s family I knew – relatives his aunt and uncle Sergei, cousin, brother – all of me Serezha introduced.

Why the official wife Zakharova did not immediately intervene?

She worked in the interior Ministry. I recently found out that she left bodies. Maybe while she was in the service, did not want to get involved in the case, to declare to the whole country about their rights. Now, as a civilian, can claim. She’s a smart woman, otherwise the major would not be promoted. I think figured out the situation.

on Monday, the Prosecutor passed the case to the court. This means that you most likely will not make the victim. Hurt?

— It is unfair. I’ll be court declared the petition for recognition of my victim. If the court my motion does not satisfy, I will still go to the meetings and hear what is actually said by the victims to the investigator about who, in their opinion, there lived Sergey. If they lied, I will seek the truth by any legal means. Given that the younger son Sergey, Valery, is a member of the interior Ministry, I think it will be a serious test. I will not leave it so easy to deal. I will seek a legal solution.

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