the Armed conflict in Libya can reach a new level. This may result in a decision one of the parties to the inter-Libyan conflict of the house of representatives of Libya, which, together with the Marshal Haftarot, control the territory on the East of the country. Parliament has granted the Egyptian armed forces to intervene in the Libyan conflict.

“We call for concerted efforts between the two brotherly Nations — Libya and Egypt — in order to defeat the invader and preserve our common security and stability in our country and the region,” — said in a statement on Tuesday, the Libyan Parliament, quoted by RIA.

as a occupier, presumably, regarded by Turkey, which supports the other side of the internal Libyan conflict – the Government of national consensus Fayeza Zarraga. Ankara has sent to Tripoli military experts, military hardware, and also sent back a large number of militants from controlled Turkey the Syrian province of Idlib.

Earlier, the President of Egypt Abdel Fattah al-Sisi made it clear that Egypt will not remain in the side if the NTC forces, supported by Turkey, will continue the offensive to the East, towards the city of Sirte.

And now the Libyan Parliament said that “the Egyptian armed forces have the right to intervene to protect the Libyan and Egyptian national security”.

As he said, “MK” independent military expert on the Middle East Yuri Lyamin “at the moment Egypt is struggling to define its “red line” and tries to intimidate opponents with the threat of direct intervention, without the intervention”.

-However, if the strength of the national consensus Government with the support of Turkey, did begin a major offensive to the East and break through the defense forces, Marshal of Haftarot in the area of Sirte, then Egypt will have to implement the threat. Then the probability of collision in Turkey and Egypt will be great, – said Yuri Lyamin.