Relatives rarely visited actress Natalia Krachkovsky in the last years of her life, and her money was not enough even for medications. About this on air of the program “You wouldn’t believe!” on NTV, said friends of the artist.

Rambler wrote that the star of the Soviet cinema Natalia Krachkovskaya died in 2016.

According to friends of the actress, on her grave still not the monument that “raises questions”.

Friend artist Yevgenia Poplavskaya noted that the son did not indulge Krachkovsky attention, despite the fact that the life she copied him and my grandson their property.

“she was a beautiful vacation home. When she gave life to her son and grandson. But giving, got nothing in return. They are less time devoted to her. I wondered why Natasha did not have enough money even for drugs, despite the fact that the son worked, and sister-in-law have worked,” she said.

Friends of the actress hope that the monument at her grave is still to be installed.