According to dietitian Inna Kononenko, producer Maxim Fadeev too much weight can lead to health problems. She told “Fifth channel”.

Rambler wrote that earlier Fadeev shocked fans by telling that he lost 100 lbs. as proof of his words, the producer has published in social networks photo, which quietly fit in one pant leg of the shorts, which were worn previously.

The nutritionist stressed that such a dramatic weight loss can be dangerous for your health.

“Without supervision of experts so to lose weight is impossible. Because 100 kilograms per year is a lot. About 50-60 pounds would be a more physiologic weight loss”, – said Kononenko.

Among the possible consequences of drastic weight loss doctor called education in the gallbladder stones.

“He lost weight very much. Very thin legs. This suggests that it is the loss of muscle mass” – praised appearance Fadeeva nutritionist.