Philip removed the hard and sometimes indecent video, ridiculed the contemporary challenges, where young people go to all sorts of lewdness for the sake of money. First the singer made fun of herself for a different kind of advertising money from constipation to dog food, and then brought the story to the challenges.

The plot Kirkorov offer substantial money to him on camera and he peed his pants, writes “MK”.

When the world took a wrong turn? I vpahivat, Papa Carlo, they attract the best choreographers, the best Directors to collect millions of views, and you can just … pants? — scoffs the man.

And after the singer calmly demonstrates how “prodit” pants, because already took the advance. In the movie a lot of fun, but also violating all rules of decency phrases.

Video frankly shocked the audience. Some supported the king of Russian pop music, agreeing that for years vpahivat and then it turns out I just wet his pants. The other was horrified, said that “not ready for such trash,” and even called hypnotherapy to guide Philip on “the right path”.

Earlier reported that are a fan of branded items Philip gave closet daughter Alla-Victoria private room. The girl has already appeared in public in silk pyjamas Dolce & Gabbana $ 50 000. The son of the singer Martin is a favorite brand of his father Philipp Plein, things of this brand cost from 30 000 rubles.