The lawyer of the singer Lolita Sergei Zhorin filed a statement to the police on her ex-husband artist Dmitry Ivanov. This lawyer said in an interview with "the StarHit".

On Thursday, the media reported that the ex-husband of Lolita was put in the hospital with injuries. It was alleged that the doctors evaluated the state of Ivanov as "satisfactory". He said that he was all right, and did not comment on the details of hospitalization.

According to the publication, Ivanov, "April fools" that the incident involved the lawyer of his ex-wife. This statement lawyer was regarded as libel. Later, however, says the magazine, ex-husband of Lolita started to say that what happened to him — an accident.

"Today I applied for Ivanov’s statement to the police for libel in his address. This should be followed to verify in which, I hope, and find out what happened to him actually," — said the Zhorin.

Ivanov officially divorced with Lo two weeks ago, although the couple have not lived together. The divorce process was delayed because of the desire of the singer to admit the marriage was a sham and to deprive Ivanov of the Russian and Israeli citizenship.