TV Presenter and blogger, Tina Kandelaki told about how she managed to succeed. About this she shared with fans in his Instagram.

According to the presenter, in her life, she never got a job “for beautiful eyes and charm”, and make money on their own, and have not received them as a gift from “sheikhs and oligarchs”.

“My achievements are not bought for sex with powerful people,” said Kandelaki.

she admitted She has faced harassment by the “powers that be”, but despite this she managed to keep the scope of personal space and seek to aspire to.

Also First thought about modern feminism. According to the presenter, it does not consider to people, feminist views, is a happy woman. Kandelaki stressed that it does not recognize “any variations on the theme of equality,” and advocates only for the fact that all had equal opportunities.

it is Worth noting that Kandelaki in the past was attributed an affair with a Russian businessman, a dollar billionaire Suleiman Kerimov after 2006, they’ve both been in an accident in nice.

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