Singer Nyusha (real name Anna Shurochkina) continues to amaze fans with transformation of their figure after childbirth. 29-year-old celebrity on his page on Instagram published a candid photo.

posted on a social network “the ride” the artist is depicted in a short denim jacket without this spicy article of clothing like a bra. In the picture Nyusha covers the chest edge outerwear. For the photoshoot, the singer also picked a less revealing bottom underwear black color with high waist.

“jeans — the eternal trend, versatile clothing under many bows,” wrote in the caption to the publication star.

the Special charm of these photos attached and the loose hair of the singer. While shooting Nyusha emphasized facial features with bright make-up.

Publish from Nyusha (@nyusha_nyusha) 24 2020 Jun 9:08 PDT