the Capital’s public transport returned to normal operation mode is no exception and the Moscow Central diameters (IDC). Every month they change for the better, and during a pandemic coronavirus steel, like all public transport, an oasis of biodiversity, thanks to the reinforced measures. In favor with the passengers of the train “Oriole”, which have an important advantage: they have built-in system disinfection.

after a little more than a week after the removal of the regime of self-isolation – from 9 to 17 June and passenger traffic on the IDC grew by 34.6%, to 2.2 million people.

Despite the removal of the regime of self-isolation, disinfection measures on the WDC is still the most intensive: daily cleaning of trains and suburban platforms. At the stations, for example, all the surfaces we touch passengers (doors, terminals, handrails and so on) are treated up to 12 times a day. The doors of the pavilions are open, to freely pass to the turnstile area; some of them have sanitizer. Each train WDC disinfected three times a day, including the method of “cold” fog that destroys almost 100% of germs.

Also trains WDC “Oriole” has a built-in system of air disinfection. They are installed even when building from the Tver wagon building plant (part of Transmashholding).

“Dense passenger traffic in the city (“Orioles” was created specifically to work in large Metropolitan areas) carries certain risks for passengers in the period of flu and colds. Therefore, in order to protect human health, we, together with the CFPP has designed the climate-control system trains the installation of air disinfection, – says Deputy General Director of Transmashholding for the development of passenger transport Alexander Loshmanov. – The system’s efficiency is determined by numerous tests conducted by the core Institute of Rospotrebnadzor – Russian research Institute of railway hygiene”.

the air disinfection System in the “Orioles” is integrated into the system of microclimate. They are devices within which a set amalgam germicidal UV lamp of high power. Exactly the same used in medical institutions. Each train employs two such plants, each of which disinfects up to 2500 m3/h. Another disinfection facility in the cab. Devices constantly run automatic self-test.

– the air disinfection System is effective to ensure the safety of passengers, not only during epidemics but also in “peace time”, – said Chairman of the Russian Association of passengers Ilya Zotov. – In addition to trains IDC “Oriole”, The company integrates such systems in all passenger vehicles, for example, such devices also have new generations of metrovagony — series “Eye” and “Moscow”, which run in the Moscow metro.

meanwhile, a powerful air conditioning system, which are the new trains of the IDC are now working in the mode of increased load – now in the Moscow region started the hot days and the summer of 2020, according to forecasts of weather forecasters, they can be a lot. We also add that the new 11-car trains, each of which can drive simultaneously more than 3.5 thousand passengers, comfortable seats, plenty of USB sockets for charging gadgets, a multi-level system of handrails, wide doors with additional lighting. The spacious bathrooms you can comfortably change the baby on the changing table, wash (all the dispensers are non-contact and automatic) and dry hands.

this year the IDC, which trains “Oriole”, will include new stations: “Slavic Boulevard” on IDC-1, “Shukinskaya”, “Printers” and Kur’yanovo for the IDC-2. Also to be completed and the reconstruction of six stations on both diameters. It is planned that by 2025 the capital will operate five diametrically railway routes.