on June 26 the building of the Meshchansky court, where the sentence was imposed in the case of “the Seventh Studio”, to support their fellow actress, aspiring filmmaker, laureate of the cinema award “Nika” Maria Shalaeva. She is known for the films “the mermaid”, “Fairy”, “About love”, “Nirvana”, “the Brothers Karamazov”, “Demons”, “Red band society” and “Magomayev”. We talked not only about Cyril Serebrennikov, but about Mikhail Efremov, of society’s reaction to what happens to them. The outcome of the trial Mary predicted one hundred percent. And helped her to her grandfather.

Why did you come here? What is the point in our state?

– this is important To me. Regardless, there are close to me are my friends or not. Even if no one else here was, and I would be alone. Because they believe everything that occurs on your account. We are one community, responsible for culture in our country. We are all colleagues in the same business, support each other. We have the same views. We look in one direction. I’m here because our colleagues got into the meat grinder, an intolerable situation and a lot of trouble. It is impossible to ignore.

Soon the court will announce the verdict, and we all disperse. You can hope for?

My grandfather lived in our country a great life. He was 92 years old when he died. But this process began even during his lifetime. I asked him: “What is your opinion about what is happening?” And grandpa said, “that’s the way the system. She can’t get down on one knee and apologize”. We still have to believe that justice will prevail. But according to the laws of the existing system, the punishment can be perhaps a little softer. In fact, what we see is the performance. I consider myself part of it, and for the audience made a half-hearted decision, the charge with some exceptions. So that all understand how soft power costs with defendants. But even if it is a lenient sentence, it will be submitted in relation to innocent and honest people who had done so much in art. It should not be.

– once in the Rostov-on-don, where Kirill Serebrennikov hails, I asked ordinary people far from the art that they know about it. It turned out that some have heard but few understand this, and they are not interested in these issues at all.

– We watch the news. Now they are the most powerful weapon. If you’re watching TV, then your opinion is formed by what you show. It is easy to follow. I sometimes, in addition to news on the resources, trust, watching the Federal channels. For the sake of curiosity, to understand how and what is illuminated. The people are gullible, and his opinion is formed by news. For many people, the thief was caught. Recently, we have SVidealiai brutal performance associated with Mikhail Efremov, when trampled at all of the man and his talent. What he did cannot be justified. But Efremov is not the one who wants excuses, hoping to get away with it, to pay off. But from the current situation around him staged the whole demonstration event. These are manipulations that are provided with news and information.

– Mikhail Efremov became as a litmus test, showed the mindset of the society.

– But what would happen if, roughly speaking, Pushkin was killed by Dantes, and not Vice versa, and we would have the poet-killer? Forgot about the “Ruslan and Lyudmila”, “Eugene Onegin”? Have some things to share. Somehow, conscientious people fall into such tragedy and slaughter.

I do Not want to succumb to the General pessimistic mood. But, as my grandpa, you have to be always objective. But objectively we have the system that, unfortunately, is not able to unfold. We understand that in the court room to apologize to Sophia Apfelbaum and Kirill Serebrennikov, other participants in the process, no one will. But now it is important at least that we can with these people to continue to live and work to them, and we were able to continue doing what we live for. This is probably the most important.