the President of Belarus are frequent in Russia. Not had time to finish last visit – Lukashenko flew to the Victory parade, as announced following: Vladimir Putin invited Alexander Lukashenko to take part in the opening ceremony of the Rzhev memorial to Soviet soldiers (scheduled for June 30). But it is clear that the speech at the meeting of the two presidents will talk not so much about history, but about the future.

During a recent visit the conversation didn’t seem to work. Press Secretary of the Russian President even had to refute rumors about the hasty departure of Lukashenko home: no, everything was grandly-nobly – at a reception in the Kremlin the President of Belarus attended. But even if it were, this feast Alexander G. has apparently returned empty-handed.

Otherwise I would have continued with bitter lamentations on the dark foreign forces, which prevented him to hold fair presidential elections. With force, including – or rather above all – Russian. “It is clear that for them (opponents of the current Belarusian authorities. – A. V.) the puppeteers are, – said Lukashenko. They the one and the other side: and live in Poland, and Russia throw. We talked about this with President Putin talk shortly at the meeting, but this situation is very complicated.

use the most modern phony technology, is the intervention from abroad in our elections, internal Affairs… But we are not a nuclear power. We can’t take a nuclear warhead, waving and shouting, or talking about hypersonic weapons, we will answer you. We are an ordinary middle Eastern country, peaceful, aimed at a peaceful life. And threaten someone in that regard, we just can’t.”

Now Dmitry Peskov had to defend Lukashenko and to protect yourself from it: “the Russian Federation did not interfere, does not interfere with and is not going to interfere in anyone’s electoral processes, especially in the electoral processes of our ally Belarus… Perhaps some arguments should be given by the party which accuses”.

In General, Lukashenka and Putin will be something to talk about. And there is reason to believe that this time conversation will stick together and will be very fruitful. According to informed sources, “the client” quite “ripe”. Or, if you speak the language of diplomacy, agree on a deeper form of integration within the Union state. In exchange for – and then to hell with diplomacy – actual usurpation of power.

different of what is happening today in Belarus it is difficult to characterize. The two most popular and promising of the opposition nominee, a banker, Babariko and blogger tikhanovski – in prison. The others one by one, removed from the election. Country are many of the protest – “solidarity action”. In some places the matter comes to clashes with police and Riot police.

the Last squeak of the Belarusian fashion prints in the form of inscriptions “Stop cockroach!” (it is clear, about whom speech) and “Sasha three percent” – such a rating, according to opposition activists, today Lukashenka. Normal electoral sociology in the country, but even the most cautious experts agree that the chances of the current President to stay in power – assuming fair elections, of course – to put it mildly, not absolutely.

Well, if Moscow decides to write off from the accounts of Lukashenko, is completely deprived of support, the odds generally tend to zero. Even in the case of an election unfair.

Rumor has it, by the way, in the Kremlin, not without pleasure watching the problems facing the President. It is difficult to say to what extent fair criticisms of Lukashenko about “hands of Moscow”. The evidence, as rightly pointed out by the Sands, no, but it is clear that it is very intimate, with candles few stood. It is obvious, however, that in the Minsk square a La the Maidan in Kiev, the Kremlin today is not interested.

In a suggestion of a capricious partner – perhaps, Yes. But not in his overthrow. The last option – an equation with too large number of unknowns. The probability that bestlucasinos the political process could be kept under control and that he’s going to need Moscow direction, not so much big. Much easier to deal with a wounded, americhem ambitions Lukashenko.

you Can quite accurately predict what will be discussed in the upcoming interview national leaders. Of course, the last 31 of the road map integration, which did not manage to agree at the end of last year. According to Lukashenka, “it is a plan for the construction of supranational bodies (the Federal state. – A..) – the Parliament President will be and things.”

However, Alexander Lukashenko assured that “this topic” Putin “have agreed not to talk.” But then (an interview with Alexei Venediktov, 24 Dec 2019) admitted that he was offered a “position in the Parliament.” What it to the extreme angered: “Even if I was convicted, and handcuffed there will be planted – this will not happen!.. For many reasons, ranging from personal qualities of mine and ending with my politics… I can’t move away from this policy,… to sit somewhere in Moscow or on the roadside, in the suburbs… the First independent sovereign state in the history… I built it with my colleagues… As, after creating your child, I can bury?!”

the Words of the Belarusian President confirmed the information independent sources: it was assumed that Lukashenka will take the post of head of Parliament of the Union state. Who was assigned the role of President – not hard to guess. The conviction ��sformirovannykh interlocutors observer “MK”, it was the Kremlin to plan A solution to the problem of transit authorities. Which in January was given a retreat – due to the stubbornness of “father” and perhaps some other circumstances.

But the plan is not wasted. Now it becomes something even more independent value.

Not resolved seem to be two questions. First, the amount of compensation Lukashenko for accommodating his status in the Union state. For this position, it seems, is the main auction. Secondly – ensure that it will not include, as usual, back after you stop pecking at fried chicken.

However, on the latter I can already do not worry. The bird of misfortune will fly away from Lukashenka, even if he triumphantly wins the election. After this campaign the “father” turn not even a lame duck, and immobilized insect. We will not specify exactly what.